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Realizing the Power of Loyalty

Experience the power of loyalty with AI technology providing a diverse range of custom offers, rewards, and real-time engagement that delivers extraordinary value.

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Driving Growth, Loyalty, and Exceptional Experiences

Our loyalty platform revolutionizes businesses by driving digital transformation, growing loyalty and retention, and delivering exceptional omni-channel experiences. Optimized margins and maximized customer lifetime value (CLV) will propel your business forward.

Synapze LX Advantage

Realize success with AI-powered loyalty technology delivering personalized rewards, real-time engagement, and exceptional value.


Customer Loyalty and Retention

Nurture lasting relationships with AI-powered customer insights to understand preferences, anticipate needs, and create tailored experiences.

Maximize Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Extend customer lifetime value through predictive analytics to identify cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

Digital Transformation

Seamlessly integrate the platform into your digital ecosystem, unlocking new levels of customer engagement and loyalty.

Margin Optimization

Employ sophisticated analytics to optimize promotions and offers, improving margin performance while delivering value.

Omni-Channel Experience

Enable customers to earn and redeem without hassle across online, mobile, and in-store channels to boost engagement and satisfaction.

E-Commerce Growth

Supercharge e-commerce growth with our loyalty platform’s seamless integration, encouraging repeat purchases and customer advocacy.

Key Features

Synapze LX handles complex and growing programs effortlessly while offering reward options to suit all customer preferences. Move your business forward with unparalleled flexibility in program design, powered by advanced ML capabilities and behavioral economics through our unique Genome feature. Scale smoothly while providing real-time rewards for personalized experiences never before realized.


  • Synapze LX Customer Genome: A 360-degree view of your customers to drive analysis, targeting, and ML models.
  • Drive Gamification: Incorporate gamification elements, making it more engaging and enjoyable for customers through badges, challenges, and rewards.
  • Technology Under -the- Hood: Benefit from a cloud-native architecture with microservices, ensuring scalability, and flexibility to efficiently manage the platform. Incorporate gamification elements, making it more engaging and enjoyable for customers through badges, challenges, and rewards.
  • Reward Non-Purchase Behaviors: Incentivize customer engagement beyond purchases. Recognize social media interactions, reviews, and referrals to encourage broader participation.
  • Partner Integration: Integrate with partner platforms or third-party services to enhance your loyalty program’s capabilities and expand your reach.
  • Ease of Integration: With our Standard Data Model, minimize complexity and data structure changes, ensuring a smooth implementation process and easy integration with existing systems.
  • MarTech Integration: Smoothly integrate with Marketing Technology stacks to enhance and personalize communication with customers.
  • Integrate with Synapze XI: Bond’s new customer intelligence platform unlocks AI-driven insights for offer curation.
  • Industry Experts and Knowledge: Tap into a wealth of expertise and knowledge in customer loyalty, ensuring you have access to best practices and industry insights.

Experience the power of Synapze LX

  • +7% spend per loyalty customer vs. non-loyalty customer
  • 91% customer retention
  • +36% increase in points redemption
  • API response times <200ms